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Camfil Group

Camfil Group is a worldwide supplier of industrial spare parts based in multiple countries such as Hungry and Singapore. Its main focus is the sale and delivery of spare parts for the energy, mining, metallurgy, oil and gas industries.

We designed the website of the company to provide all aspects of the relevant E-Commerce. It includes request for quotation, approval of order, payment and user account for both customers and the sale department to process and track orders. The website offers search options for more then 22,000 products based on keywords, brand and description. Due to fluctuation of prices, the quotation process requires the sale office to process each request individually. Therefore, facilities are designed to assist sales department.

Skye Mobile-app

Skye is a mobile app specifically designed to deliver music, and monitor and track mood in individuals with the aim to help individuals with mental health difficulties, in particular depression.

The idea of Skye was conceived at 0&1 LTD as a low-cost intervention method to help those with mental health difficulties, in particular depression. This app is developed for the University of Kent to serve as a research and practical platform. This app is under further development to become part of treatments recognised by the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.


Active-Class is a web application that provides in-class and on-demand testing services. Students can take quizzes, review their responses and track their progress. Teachers can monitor students' performance and examine which topic(s) students need more help with.

This platform is initiated by 0&1 LTD to provide students with a service to test their knowledge. Active-Class provides them with immediate feedback on their learning and guide them through the taught material. Teachers, on the other hand, will gain a better understanding of students' learning outcome. This platform is currently being used by many academics at multiple universities such as University College London, UK and University of Kent, UK. Formal feedback received from students showed that that they benefitted from this system (9.8/10) would prefer to have this system for their other courses (9.8/10). Teachers also rated this system highly desirable (9.8/10).