The only integrated platform containing both a learning management system (LMS) and an exam monitoring system (EMS) with both teachers and students in mind. Active-Class is part of Learning Kit , our ecosystem of educational technology (EdTech) services and products that we offer to educational institutions, and non-educational institutions with any educational and training needs.

Simple structure

Active-Class follows a simple yet efficient model of class-module-activity, enabling easy navigation at each level.

Organisation and event planner

All activities and events are clearly shown in the calendar, offering a quick and concise overview of tasks and schedules.

Content management

Activities can be anything from announcements, simple file sharing, and small formative assignments to large summative assessments.

Sharing and collaboration

Teachers can collaborate and share on Classes, Modules, and Activities. They can mark together and share accounts to give full access to colleagues.

Timed and untimed activities

Assignments, quizzes, and exams can be scheduled to be time-limited, self-paced, or synchronous, suiting different needs.

Custom grading systems

Multiple predefined grading systems are already set up in the system. However, custom grading systems can also be created to meet every need.

Progress tracking

Teachers can track their class marks and progression, while students can track their own individual progression.

Anonymous messaging

Within class-wide chats, students can send messages with the option of being anonymous - easing the accessibility of teaching to those who are nervous or anxious.

Responsive design

All our systems are designed to address the range of devices and device sizes, enabling automatic adaptation to the screen, whether the content is viewed on a tablet, phone, or monitor.

Learning Management

The Learning Management System offers an intuitive and effective eLearning platform through which institutions can easily and simply adapt to online education. Developed with a teacher's understanding of how other platforms fall short, Active-Class is tailored to the online learning and teaching needs of students and teachers, respectively.

Users of Active-Class

The teacher side of Active-Class gives you a platform through which you can run and monitor classes and modules, as well as create, administer, and proctor exams and activities.


The student side of Active-Class provides an eLearning platform through which you can be enrolled in classes and modules, as well as complete activities set by teachers - enhancing your online learning experience.


Admins have the ability to assign teachers and students to certain modules and classes. They also control parental access and are a useful user type for overseeing the larger network of users on a given system.


Parents can be incorporated into Active-Class to provide up-to-date and helpful feedback to parents, keeping them in the loop.

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