We offer a wide range of services in the area of educational technology (EdTech) and the general delivery of training. We provide bespoke systems based on preset templates that are fully customisable to your needs, your teachers' needs, and your students' needs. See below for some examples of our existing work.

A learning management system for a tutoring company. The system includes capabilities allowing for 1-to-1 tutoring, self-assessment, progress tracking, course delivery, and more.

Active-Class Learning Management System

Active-Class is an example of a full learning management system devised for institution-level delivery. Consisting of several modules, Active-Class is a platform capable of delivering teaching to thousands of students across various years, subjects, and classes.

Exam Kit
Exam Kit - Online Exam Monitoring System

Our online exam monitoring system is a cost-effective yet competitive quality service designed to be seamlessly compatible with Active-Class, as well as other conventional learning management systems. Devised using patented state-of-the-art technologies, this service offers institutions the opportunity to increase the credibility of their online exams through invigilation with minimal human intervention, while maintaining a fair and less invasive process.

Attendum - Attendance Monitoring System

As blended learning becomes more popular, it becomes more challenging for those delivering education to ensure that students are attending in-person sessions. The use of QR codes or passwords has proven to be insufficient. Thus, we devised a system that will scan existing or new physical cards, as well as mobile phones, storing the data before sending it to your system at your chosen intervals. Furthermore, we offer a system that requires absolutely no user interaction to register attendance.

Powerpoint Add-in
Powerpoint Add-in

The ability to see live feedback amidst a teaching session is an invaluable tool. Our PowerPoint add-in can be integrated with an Active-Class profile, thus linking your teaching to your learning management system seamlessly.

Skye App
Skye Mental Health App

The Skye mental health app is an example of our work outside the educational field, working alongside researchers instead. This project demonstrates our effectiveness and ability to adapt to different settings, delivering high-end and highly effective app designs and functionality.