Attendum attendance monitoring system (AMS) is a state-of-the-art stand-alone device to register attendance. Attendum utilises the most recent technological advancements to provide a low-cost and easy to install and use, monitoring and communication system.

AdvantagesNo costly infrastructure

The card reader can be easily affixed to any wall

Multiple devices can be easily installed in one room (e.g., for large lecture halls)

Virtually no load on the network or the student records system

Extremely fast response time (<1s for each card reading and registration)

The card reader is entirely wireless

The card reader battery life is typically 16 months

Dashboard of device health facilitates maintenance.

No effort required by teachers

Easy for students to use

How to use

You mount a box to the wall.


You touch your card to the card reader.


Data is stored locally.


Choose data transfer interval


Data is stored on students' records

IoT technology
IoT technology

Leveraging the most recent progress in the Internet of Things (IoT), the installation process of registration boxes that require no wired power and utilise wireless communication has been simplified. This advancement provides flexibility concerning the choice of installation site. Seamless touch-in with already- and newly-issued cards reduces the friction of registration, minimising session disruptions and allowing educators and admins to focus on teaching.