Our exam monitoring system, with trailblazing patented artificial intelligence methods, brings credibility to exams with greater security, reliability, and scalability. It can be used independently or alongside our learning management system or other learning management systems.

Exam Kit
Human validation
  • To account for drift in our automated system, a section of the data will be reviewed manually. This ensures that the highest quality of service is maintained.
Independent of your LMS
  • Our exam monitoring system can be integrated with any learning management system. No matter what online platform you use to deliver online exams, we can accommodate you.
With teachers in mind
  • A report and evidence collection are provided – making it very easy and quick to review students' performances.
  • Human behaviour is complex. We do our best to reduce the false alarm rate; the final decision, however, remains in your hands.
With students in mind
  • We provide every student with two monitored sessions free of charge, allowing them to become familiar with the system. These sessions can be their regular assignment or assessment, or we can design subject-specific general knowledge tests.
  • A system that strives to be fairer and less invasive – thus providing a better experience for your assessment sessions.
Exam monitoring
Online exam monitoring

The exam monitoring is a cost-effective yet competitive quality service designed to be seamlessly compatible with Learning Kit's eLearning LMS. Devised using brand new techniques, this service offers institutions the opportunity to increase the credibility of their online exams through proctoring with minimal human intervention while maintaining a fair and less invasive process. The exam monitoring service is available with the licensing model only when this service is purchased by the institution.

State of the Art Technology

Utilising our expertise in machine vision, artificial intelligence, and behavioural science, we have built a non-invasive yet robust and reliable exam monitoring system that is easy to administer and oversee.

We have one granted patent and two pending patent applications for three components of the platform.

State of the Art Technology
Data Storage
  • Data protection is of the utmost importance. We store data in cloud storage with the highest level of security.
  • If desired, we can store data in your data centre, whether you use cloud or onsite physical storage.
Data Protection
  • We collect only the minimum amount of information needed to operate safely and effectively.
  • We limit access to data to a handful of individuals through the strictest procedures.
  • We share data on a need-to-know basis. This means access is given only to those parts of the recordings that require reviewing and nothing more - maximising the security and privacy of information and data.