The latest teachings and research within pedagogical development emphasise reflection. Our PowerPoint add-in allows presenters to do exactly this, gaining live feedback and increasing engagement within a session without having to incorporate a third-party application.

PowerPoint Add-in
Customised dashboard

With a customised dashboard, you can ensure that your feedback is never lost after each session. Gain convenient access to the slides and data from all your previous sessions.

Hassle-free setup

No installation is required. Just add the add-in onto your slide, and you can effortlessly design, edit, and organise your questions directly within PowerPoint.

Fast and real-time feedback

Post a question on screen and watch as the live results come in before being visualised in an aesthetically appealing and effective way.

Guided and simple process

The add-in will walk you through the process of setting up and using its features. This process is simple and quickly implemented.

After signing in through powerpoint you can...

Create a session


Add content


Share the display


Get real-time feedback

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