Our unique age specific assessments will determine your academic and skills ability across the full range of your school subjects and provide you with a feedback report and guidance to improve in each area, tracking your progress.

For every child, anywhere, anytime
Exceptional Education

Improve students' academic and growth outcomes through detailed, targeted learning guidance, tutors and resources for all education needs and courses designed to promote individual growth.

Self Assessment

Assess students continually through comprehensive, progressive diagnostic tests. Discover students' current knowledge & skills level benchmarked against their age through a holistic educational and developmental approach.

Experienced Tutors

Expert, verified tutors, available to deliver personalised lessons, aimed at developing your subject knowledge, skills and attainment targets.

Individual Courses

Access online courses at any time providing students with subject notes, instructional videos, revision summaries, flashcards and quizzes including an end of course and mock exams.
Diagnostic AssessmentsDiagnostic Assessments
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Receive a comprehensive report & model answers
  • Determine subjects and topics that need further work
1-1 Tuition1-1 Tuition
  • Expert tutors available for live 1-1 sessions
  • Flexible timings & booking options
  • Tailored lessons through advanced platform
  • Access courses for all school subjects
  • Students can learn at their own pace
  • Test & feedback to consolidate learning dashboard

We always ensure that the dashboards provided in our learning management systems are well designed to be clear and concise. Additionally, we emphasise the importance of intuitive and aesthetically appealing visualisations, to aid progress tracking.

School.How dashboard demo mobile has been designed with users' need and requirements in mind to provide the best user experience! As such, our systems can be easily implemented to mobiles.

School.How dashboard demo
School.How dashboard demo
School.How dashboard demo
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